Each massage or service you receive includes up to ten minutes of consultation and dressing time. This period is counted towards your timed session.

General Measures for clients coming for massage

By placing or payment the reservation you acknowledged that you meet at least one of the following conditions before entering Dee Dee Massage establishments because you will become our customer who respects the so-called OTN (vaccination, test, past illness) and:

  • is fully vaccinated and fourteen days have passed since the completion of the vaccination and proves herself/himself with a certificate with and/or QR code
  • you have undertaken RT-PCR for testing the presence of COVID-19 virus test not more than 72 hours ago with a negative result
  • a rapid antigen test (RAT) supervised by a health care professional through an online service not more than 24 hours ago with a negative result.
  • or bring proof of having had Covid-19 (no more than 180 days have passed since the first positive antigen or PCR test)
  • The past disease is proven by a text message about a positive test from the testing point or a by a certificate.

Dee Dee Massage representatives are entitled and obliged to check the fulfilment of the above-mentioned conditions given by Czech Republic government from 9th of July 2021 until the further notice.

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