Office Syndrome


Causes Of Office Syndrome

Office Syndrome is caused by repetitive use of certain muscles during working with unhealthy posture. An inappropriate working environment is a major cause of Office Syndrome. Inadequate table height and positioning of the computer and keyboard lead to an unnatural sitting position. Slouching or hunching over with rounded shoulders causes constant muscle contraction, gradually resulting in weakness of core muscles and increased tension in other muscle groups. Other causes may involve excessive stress and insufficient sleep. In addition, physiological abnormalities e.g. Muscle imbalance and spinal deformity might be the causes of Office Syndrome.

Office Syndrome has been frequently found in office workers. It is not a disease, instead Office Syndrome is a group of symptoms caused by sitting or remaining in the same position for long periods of time, mainly while working with the computer in an office setting. Over time, certain muscles become contracted, causing repetitive muscle strain. The main symptom related to the unhealthy sitting posture is muscle pain or tightness, especially in the neck, shoulders and back. Due to the restrictions in movement and activities during lockdowns, people have been currently instructed to work from home. Working at the office allows people to move, walk or change their positions during the day, whereas working from home largely limits movement and activities. With increasing numbers of employees working at home, physical inactivity and prolonged sitting in the same position can lead to an increased risk of developing Office Syndrome.