What is Massage


Massage moves soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, and joints) into motion to promote relaxation, increase flexibility and heal the soft tissues' natural healing. Using the hands, forearms, elbows (in Thai massage, we use knees and feet to massage as well) are massaged through the skin to exert pressure on the muscles, joints, and tendons that are deep. 

The human body instinctively responds to pain, either physically or emotionally, and we often pat or rub the painful area in an effort to relieve it. Massage is simply an instinctive expression and our natural abilities. 

Massage promotes holistic wellness, which is the balance of body, mind, and spirit without the need for any medication. The application of this systematic therapeutic touch creates an environment of balance that promotes wellness. good body and mind 

Depending on the technique used, massage may be soothing, pain-relieving, or stimulating. Massage promotes happiness for both the recipient and the giver. In short, massage is the key to enhancing your well-being. Massage is one of the body's safest and most effective self-healing processes (but that doesn't mean it can cure every disease) 

Our body is a miracle, it has the ability to promote healing. A touch is a tool. Effective in stimulating this natural healing response, massage relaxes the body, stimulates waste removal, stimulates the immune system, and stimulates cells to produce new cells and repair themselves faster for a truly natural body treatment.