Foot Massage

Foot Massage

No more heavy and tired legs! We will perform Thai foot massage plus reflexology to bring you a deep sense of well-being. A foot massage can promote relaxation, but does not have the long-term effects of reflexology. The application of pressure to different points on the feet stimulates the body's healing power to reduce stress, relieve aches, pain, and tired feet, improve sleep, relieve sinus headaches, improve circulation, and increase energy. Acting through the path of nerves and meridians, specific dispersion or toning pressions on the sole projection areas helps eliminate toxins, re-balance organs, and systems and restore the body energy. 

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Duration: 30Min 
Price: 850CZK


  • people with a high level of stress 
  • Insomnia 
  • Chronicle tiredness 
  • Poor immunity 


  • Improves the circulation and eliminates the residuum 
  • Lowers the pain sensation 
  • Improves all the body functions which stimulate the natural process of healing, making it faster and efficient 


  • Preganancy and nurising 
  • People with hemorrhage 
  • Thrombosis 
  • Psyche diseases, contagious illnesses 
  • Wounds a the foot level 
  • Open varicose veins 

We've done the groundwork and design all the best techniques and products used for your treatment, So, you can book your next appointment in an instant. Even better - why not book several, from a body scrub to a foot spa- we've got all the essentials covered. At Dee Dee Massage pride ourselves on being the self-care experts in Prague, Hit Book Now or call +420603910432, we'd love to pamper you.