Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Dee Dee?

We are a short walk from I.P. Pavlova metro station (downhill) in the connecting street between Jecna and Zitna streets. And we are within 500 m of Wenceslas square (Vaclavske Namesti).

How do I make a booking?

For appointments today, please call us or text our mobile. For appointments later in the week and more, please try out our online booking.

How should I prepare for my massage treatment?

Nothing special, but try to avoid alcohol for 24 hours before, and we suggest avoiding eating a big meal on the day of your massage, surely not more than 2 hours before!

And after my massage treatment?

- Drink lots of water or mineral for the next few hours to aid in the further flushing out of toxins.

- Avoid strenuous physical activity or any activity that requires heightening mental alertness. You've just received deep tissue/muscle bodywork that has relaxed and relieving tension. Enjoy the lasting effects!

- Practice mindfulness. Bodywork such as Thai Massage works deep into the tissue and muscle where our bodies often store emotional blockages. Every person is different and bodies respond differently to the treatment as such sometimes the body releases these blockages either during or after treatment. If you experience any heightened emotional release...breathe, relax, and release.

- If you are planning on eating afterward, ensure your meal is light and preferably raw such as a salad, smoothie or green juice. This is especially important if part of your treatment included an abdominal massage.

* These statements are not meant as any medical advice and do not substitute those of your physician or any medical doctor.

Do you offer sexual services?

Absolutely not. Our services are entirely therapeutic and non-sexual. We will not tolerate sexual requests or inappropriate harassment of our staff.

Will I need to provide my medical history?

If you are a first-time visitor to Dee Dee, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire covering medical history. This is for your safety, and to allow us to better tailor your treatment to your need

Can I shower at Dee Dee?

Yes, you may shower after your massage if you wish (subject to shower room availability), but please note that your masseuse may provide you a hot towel to remove any oil at the end of your treatment so you shall may well not need one. Customers coming from outdoor workplaces may wish to shower at Dee Dee before treatment

Are the rooms air-conditioned?

We are very sorry, but unfortunately not.

What is the dress code when receiving a body massage?

Most of the treatments we provide require the application of oil. This can be aromatic or odorless (your choice). You should remove clothing to a level with which you are comfortable. You are encouraged to leave your underwear on, and if you are concerned about getting oil on your underwear we can provide a disposable pair as standard (they are not fashionable - but they do the job!). In any case, you'll be covered at all times with a towel from upper thigh to waist

Do I have to undress in front of my therapist?

No. Your masseuse will show you to your treatment room and then leave you in private to undress. She will knock before re-entering.

What is your cancellation policy?

When you make a reservation, we make sure that a room is prepared and a therapist is available. If you do need to cancel your appointment, please let us know as soon as you can. If you made an online booking, you will have paid for your massage in full - if you give us at least 3 days' notice of cancellation or rescheduling, then we will refund the paid amount excluding the service fees kept by a payment online provider or reschedule to your satisfaction if possible.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes! We currently have vouchers for a "one hour massage of your choice" designed as a perfect gift. Just drop in to buy one, or later we will provide the possibility to order online/we can arrange postage for the fee.

If I am pregnant - is it safe to have a massage?

If you are in your first trimester it is generally not recommended having a body massage and in case you are more than three months pregnant, we would suggest you discuss first with your GP/Doctor.

Am I supposed to tip the therapist?

It is completely up to you! If you do, you can be assured that your therapist(s) will keep 100% of the tip.

Can I pay by card on the spot?

The massage studio accepts only cash payments for walk-in clients without prior appointment. Therefore, we recommend making a reservation through our web interface, whereby a valid online credit card reservation will secure the time and type of massage.