Heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul with Massage

Hot Coconut Oil Massage

In Dee Dee Massage we use warm organic bio virgin coconut oil which helps to soothe and relax muscles within your body and making it a great choice if you are feeling tired together with the following benefits for your skin:

*Reduces Stretch Marks 
*Improves Skin Health and Quality
*Youthful, elastic, and velvety skin which is soft to the touch
*Deep moisturization of the skin

Special 900 CZK - 60 min
Normally 1190 CZK

Hot Coconut Oil Package

An exceptionally relaxing massage that deeply warms and moisturizes the skin.

- Hot Coconut Oil Massage 60 min
- Free extra time of hot stone massage 15 min

Benefits of Massage Package:

*Deep moisturization of the skin
*Youthful, elastic, and velvety skin which is soft to the touch
*Acceleration of the metabolism
*Regulation of blood pressure
*Loosening of muscles
*Reduction of stress
*Improved nutrition and detoxification of the body
*Deep relaxation and an increased sense of well-being
*Regeneration of vital forces

Special 1190 CZK - 75 min

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