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Dee Dee Massage Prague - Massage Packages

Treat yourself or someone you love to the perfect day of pampering at Dee Dee Massage Prague. Our exclusive massage packages combine some of our most popular treatments and services for a day of pure bliss.

Ultimate Relaxation

The Best relaxation massage spa package treatment designed to re-energize, ease tension, and release blocked energy. This package includes a foot spa scrub, gently exfoliate the rough skin on heels, complemented by a full body aromatherapy massage, and Aromatherapy Facial Massage which rejuvenates with anti-aging treatment and leaves the skin toned and nourished. 
This experience is crafted to awaken the senses, relax the body, and reset your inner calm.

Duration: 90Min                   Price: 1750CZK

Muscle Release

Perfect for restoring inner balance, wellbeing whilst reducing stress and tension. This treatment designed to work into muscle tension. A deep tissue massage will ground you throughout, as your the therapist focuses on areas of muscle tension, massage complemented with a warm stone on the back, ayurvedic Indian Head Massage, and a foot spa and tension relief Foot Reflexology.

Duration: 120Min                 Price: 2300CZK

Thai Signature

The power of soothing Aroma herb oils combined with western and eastern massage techniques focuses on the energy at the base of the spine to help balance your body and soul. This package includes a back mask using the finest of a detox clay mask, complemented by a full body massage, and a face and head massage to relieve tension and stress.

Duration: 90Min                    Price: 1800CZK

Back Into Balance

Let yourself be pampered with a warm aromatic foot spa, gently scrub the rough skin on heels, relax tired feet and enjoy the foot massage, followed by Aroma relaxing massage with hot basalt stone, beneficial for eliminating toxins from your system and promoting healthy blood flow. Ayurveda massage, a soothing and energizing head massage combines pressure point techniques and using warm coconut oil to relieve tension in the head and neck to unblock headache and stress relief.

Duration: 120Min                                                      Price: 2400CZK

Head To Toe

A special package is combined to provide you with an experience that elevates your being and releases both physical and energetic tension, to restore a sense of balance and kickstart the body's own healing process, Head to Toe massage Experience includes a full body Yoga massage, Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage, and a tension relief Foot Reflexology and Foot spa.

Duration: 120Min                                                          Price: 2200CZK

We've done the groundwork and design all the best techniques and products used for your treatment,
so you can book your next appointment in an instant.

Even better - why not book several, from a body scrub to a foot spa - 
we've got all the essentials covered. 

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