Dee Dee Etiquette


We kindly request to let us know as soon as you can if you need to cancel your reservations. We often turn away other customers because we are full. Cancelling at the last-minute or not showing up means other customers cannot make their reservation. Any deposits or promotion pre-payments are non-refundable.


We kindly request you to arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment time, so you have time for your consultation and our therapist can set up the room for you. If you arrive late, depending on availability, your appointment might still finish according to your original booking time so we can set up the room for the next customer reservation.

Health Considerations

We will ask you to fill out a health questionnaire before your treatment. If you are unsure about the suitability of a treatment due to any health concerns, please let us know. We are happy to advise you.


A Foot Reflexology Massage, Aromatherapy Oil Massage or Traditional Thai Massage should strictly be avoided during any stage of your pregnancy but there are a number of other things you can enjoy.

Eating before Massage

You should wait for a minimum of 30 minutes, ideally 60 minutes, after you last meal.

Taking Shower

If you wish to have a shower before your treatment, we recommend to take it at home or at your hotel as a shower before the treatment will be included in the treatment time, resulting in less time for your massage. Treatments such as Aromatherapy Oil Massage might you feel to take a shower after your treatment. For "dry" treatments, where no products are applied to the skin, such as Thai Massage, Tok Sen Massage or Reflexology Foot Massage we will provide loose comfortable clothing for you to wear and no shower is required before or after the treatment. If you wish to take a shower regardless, it will help us if you can request this during your consultation before starting the treatment.

Loss or Damage of Personal Belongings

A small deposit box is provided for you in both treatment rooms to keep your valuable items and we kindly request you to use them. We recommend to leave all valuables at home or in your hotel room, as we cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of personal items. We provide suitable clothes, disposable underwear and robes for you to wear during your treatments. Please use these to avoid any stains or damage to your clothes.


We do our best to keep the studio as tranquil and relaxing as possible for all of our guests. Please kindly refrain from making loud noises, talking loudly, smoking, or using mobile phones when in our studio, especially in the shared spaces such as the reception.


You are welcome to bring your children but they must be supervised at all times. We do not have child care facilities to supervise children. During the treatments, children need to stay in the same treatment room as the parent or guardian. Please be mindful of other guests at the studio when walking around the grounds, and especially in our shared spaces such as reception area. While we understand that children want to explore and play, we kindly ask you to understand that other guests come to experience a relaxing and calm environment and that noise should be kept to a minimum.

Mobile Phones

We kindly ask you to be mindful of the other guests at the studio when talking on your phone, especially in the shared spaces such as the reception area, hallway. In order to ensure tranquility and relaxation, we request you to kindly turn off your cell phone or use them outside of the studio.

Smoking & Alcohol

Smoking is not allowed inside any area of the Massage studio including the treatment rooms, toilets, shower room or or in front of the studio. Consumption of alcohol is forbidden by law on any massage  premises in Czech Republic. Please do not bring any alcohol to our premise.


Sterilization and sanitation of our equipment takes place after every service and treatment.

Tax and Service Charge

All of our prices include tax. We do not add any service charge. It is up to the discretion of our customers to give a tip if they wish and felt satisfied with provided services.