Body Scrub

Spa Enhancements

A body exfoliation treatment that is relaxing and leaves your skin silky smooth. Our advice is to incorporate a body scrub before any of our massages to get the best results.

Yummy Body Scrub  

In this skin transforming, full body treatment, Coconut Body Exfoliator polishes your skin with 100% natural Exfoliants. Coconut nourishing body Elixir is massaged into newly buffed skin for a luxurious finale, leaving the skin soft, supper smooth and the mind relaxed and rejuvenated.

90min - 2750 CZK

or Add-on 45min - 1500CZK

Ultimate 24k Gold Scrub 

The skin is nourished and moisturized by oil, which have intense, moisturizing and conditioning properties.

After the massage, you will feel the difference. Refreshing And moisturizing.

90 min - 2750 CZK 

or Add-on 45min - 1500CZK